[Mailman-Users] Periods in user email addresses rejected

Jay Deiman jay at splitstreams.com
Mon Aug 4 17:32:26 CEST 2008

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Jay Deiman wrote:
| Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
| | Jay Deiman writes:
| |
| |  > I just got mailman up and running with Postfix and everything has
| |  > working perfectly except when someone tries to subscribe to the list
| |  > that has a period in the "user" portion of the address.  For example:
| |  > fname.lname at domain.org.  It gets rejected as an invalid email
| address by
| |  > the web interface.
| |
| | I've never heard of this before.  Just checking, but are you sure that
| | these mailboxes don't have periods in their display names rather than
| | (or as well as) their addresses?  That is, although
| |
| |     Stephen Turnbull <stephen.turnbull at invalid.com>
| |
| | is a valid mailbox according to RFC 2822,
| |
| |     Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen.turnbull at invalid.com>
| |
| | is not, and must be quoted
| |
| |     "Stephen J. Turnbull" <stephen.turnbull at invalid.com>
| |
| | (I don't think Mailman checks for this, but given that AFAICT from the
| | source, Mailman should not behave the way you describe, it's a guess.)
| |
| |  > First, is this a setting somewhere that can be changed?
| |
| | No.  I would assume that the design is to allow anything that RFC 2822
| | does.  As far as I can tell, what you are seeing is a MMHostileAddress
| | as defined in Mailman/Errors.py, and the characters checked for are in
| | _badchars and _specials in Mailman/Utils.py.  However, '.' isn't in
| | there AFAICS, in a recently updated bzr checkout of 2.1.
| |
| | What version of Mailman are you using?
| |
| I'm using version 2.1.10 (FreeBSD port) with Postfix 2.4.1 (FreeBSD
| port).  I just tried this again through the web interface (not as an
| admin, but as someone attempting to subscribe) and I got the same
| results. I used the address "jay.deiman at gmail.com" (without quotes) and
| no name in the name field.  Verbatim, I get this response:
| You must supply a valid email address.
| That is it.  I've tested with other email addresses, not containing a
| period, and they all work fine.
| Jay Deiman

Ah ha!  I figured out what the problem was, well mostly anyways.  I was
using an apache RedirectMatch on the domain to redirect to https from
http.  This was causing the sign-up requests to be sent via http and
then redirected to https and somehow in this transaction, the email was
broken.  Not sure why that is.  But on the bright side, I changed the
DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN to 'https://%s/mailman/' and ran fix_url on the
mailing list and now everything works perfectly.  So, for whatever odd
reason, the redirect was breaking email addresses with periods in them.

Thanks for the help!

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