[Mailman-Users] Question re: creating new lists from the GUI

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Aug 5 21:02:48 CEST 2008

Simon wrote:
>Ok, found the problem, but am curious about the why...
>I'm new to mailman by the way, so sorry if this is an FAQ...
>I use postfixadmin on this server and users are stored in mysql...
>I had to create the alias in postfixadmin, as:
>newlist at mydomain.com  >aliased to> newlist at myhost.mydomain.com
>Is this normal? Or should mailman be creating this alias too?
>Not a big deal, but it seems like the mailman list creation process 
>should be able to do this too.

Your Mailman is misconfigured. If you want to mail to your list at
newlist at mydomain.com, the domain of your list should be mydomain.com
and 'mydomain.com' should be in the POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS
list. Also, if 'mydomain.com' is not DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST, you should

add_virtualhost('web.example.com', 'mydomain.com')

in mm_cfg.py. With these settings, creating newlist from the
http://web.example.com/mailman/create page will create that list with
a host_name of mydomain.com and will create the virtual mapping from
newlist at mydomain.com to local newlist and you won't need the mysql

The details of how to set all this up depend on whether or not you have
more than one domain for mailman list mail and more than one domain
for mailman web access and whether or not the mail domains are virtual
or local in postfix. If you tell us what you have, we can be more
specific about what you need.

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