[Mailman-Users] Question re: creating new lists from the GUI

Simon tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Tue Aug 5 22:21:28 CEST 2008

On 8/5/2008 3:02 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> I had to create the alias in postfixadmin, as:
>> newlist at mydomain.com  >aliased to> newlist at myhost.mydomain.com
>> Is this normal? Or should mailman be creating this alias too?

> Your Mailman is misconfigured.

I don't doubt that... :) and I appreciate your help in fixing it.

> If you want to mail to your list at newlist at mydomain.com, the domain
> of your list should be mydomain.com and 'mydomain.com' should be in

Hmmm... well, all of the current lists have this alias for each list - 
so I'll need to be careful when changing this...

> Also, if 'mydomain.com' is not DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST, you should have
> add_virtualhost('web.example.com', 'mydomain.com')

Hmm... maybe this is the easiest fix... this is currently (in 
Defaults.py) set to myhost.mydomain.com...

So, I should be able to just add:

add_virtualhost('web.mydomain.com', 'myhost.mydomain.com')

to mm_cfg.py and it should work for subsequent new lists?

> in mm_cfg.py. With these settings, creating newlist from the
> http://web.example.com/mailman/create page will create that list with
> a host_name of mydomain.com and will create the virtual mapping from
> newlist at mydomain.com to local newlist and you won't need the mysql
> alias.
> The details of how to set all this up depend on whether or not you have
> more than one domain for mailman list mail and more than one domain
> for mailman web access and whether or not the mail domains are virtual
> or local in postfix. If you tell us what you have, we can be more
> specific about what you need.


1. just one domain for list mail

2. just one domain for web access

3. it is a virtual domain in postfix, but it is the only one, and I 
don't see that changing.

Thanks again...

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