[Mailman-Users] Question re: creating new lists from the GUI

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Aug 5 22:44:40 CEST 2008

Simon wrote:

>On 8/5/2008 3:02 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>> I had to create the alias in postfixadmin, as:
>>> newlist at mydomain.com  >aliased to> newlist at myhost.mydomain.com
>>> Is this normal? Or should mailman be creating this alias too?
>> Your Mailman is misconfigured.
>I don't doubt that... :) and I appreciate your help in fixing it.
>> If you want to mail to your list at newlist at mydomain.com, the domain
>> of your list should be mydomain.com and 'mydomain.com' should be in
>Hmmm... well, all of the current lists have this alias for each list - 
>so I'll need to be careful when changing this...
>> Also, if 'mydomain.com' is not DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST, you should have
>> add_virtualhost('web.example.com', 'mydomain.com')
>Hmm... maybe this is the easiest fix... this is currently (in 
>Defaults.py) set to myhost.mydomain.com...
>So, I should be able to just add:
>add_virtualhost('web.mydomain.com', 'myhost.mydomain.com')
>to mm_cfg.py and it should work for subsequent new lists?

I don't think so. I'm confused at this point. Mailman and Postfix both
seem to be set up properly for you to mail to
listname at myhost.mydomain.com, yet your mysql alias seems to be
required for you to mail to listname at mydomain.com.

Which domain do you want to use for your list mail?

>> in mm_cfg.py. With these settings, creating newlist from the
>> http://web.example.com/mailman/create page will create that list with
>> a host_name of mydomain.com and will create the virtual mapping from
>> newlist at mydomain.com to local newlist and you won't need the mysql
>> alias.
>> The details of how to set all this up depend on whether or not you have
>> more than one domain for mailman list mail and more than one domain
>> for mailman web access and whether or not the mail domains are virtual
>> or local in postfix. If you tell us what you have, we can be more
>> specific about what you need.
>1. just one domain for list mail

If that is the domain which is currently DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST, which I
gather is 'myhost.mydomain.com', then I think everything should work
if you just mail to that domain.

So what is this domain?

>2. just one domain for web access

And is this the DEFAULT_URL_HOST domain?

>3. it is a virtual domain in postfix, but it is the only one, and I 
>don't see that changing.

And which domain is this?

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