[Mailman-Users] Question re: creating new lists from the GUI

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Aug 5 23:44:11 CEST 2008

Simon wrote:

>On 8/5/2008 4:44 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> I don't think so. I'm confused at this point. Mailman and Postfix both
>> seem to be set up properly for you to mail to
>> listname at myhost.mydomain.com, yet your mysql alias seems to be
>> required for you to mail to listname at mydomain.com.
>> Which domain do you want to use for your list mail?
>mydomain.com - so lists would be just list at mydomain.com
>Remember, I didn't set this up, I inherited it, so I'm trying to fix it.
>>> 1. just one domain for list mail
>> If that is the domain which is currently DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST, which I
>> gather is 'myhost.mydomain.com', then I think everything should work
>> if you just mail to that domain.
>> So what is this domain?
>That is it, but I don't want to have to use the host. part, because 
>everyone is used to just list at mydomain.com.
>>> 2. just one domain for web access
>> And is this the DEFAULT_URL_HOST domain?
>>> 3. it is a virtual domain in postfix, but it is the only one, and I 
>>> don't see that changing.
>> And which domain is this?

OK. Here's what you want to do step by step.

in mm_cfg.py

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mydomain.com'

This will set the default domain for email to mydomain.com which is
what you want.

Then the add_virtualhost will actually replace the entry in the
VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary which was set in Defaults.py with the 'wrong'
email host. It will replace rather than add because the keys
(DEFAULT_URL_HOST) are the same.

Then it will tell list creation to create virtual aliases for lists in
the mydomain.com domain.

Restart Mailman so the qrunner processes will pick up the changes to

The next step is to run Mailman's

  bin/withlist -a -l -r fix_url

which will change the host_name for all lists to mydomain.com.

Then you can run Mailman's


to rebuild data/aliases* and data/virtual-mailman* with the correct
virtual domain.

Concurrent with this, you need to remove all the mysql virtual mappings
of the form

list at mydomain.com              list at myhost.mydomain.com


list-bounces at mydomain.com      list-bounces at myhost.mydomain.com

etc. if any, since they are now in the way.

Your Postfix main.cf should be OK.

That should set you up so future list creation/deletion will just work.

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