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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Aug 7 22:37:57 CEST 2008

Jaione Arrieta Galarraga wrote:

>I have a mailman list and I would like to know how to change the reply
>settings from bounce-namelist at namelist.com to administrator at namelist.com ,
>cause all the messages received now to the list come with this address
>bounce-namelist at namelist.com .
>I had a mailman list which did that but I just change hosting and installed
>mailman again but is not working as before.

Was your old version 2.0.x. If so, 2.1.x is much different. If this is
a general question, see <http://wiki.list.org/x/RoA9>.

>If a subscriber unsubscribe from the list they receive a message asking why
>they are unsubscribing from  bounce-namelist at namelist.com and if they reply
>to the message giving me their reasons the addresse they reply to is no
>valid bounce-namelist at namelist.com as before when they received the message
>from administrator at namelist.com  so they could reply to and arrived to the
>administrator inbox

If you are talking specifically about the "results of your email
commands" message that is sent to the user when unsubscribe requires
owner approval, you raise a good point about this coming From:
list-owner rather than list-bounces, but changing this requires
changing the code in Mailman/Queue/CommandRunner.py, and the
straightforward way to do it would make all responses to email
commands be From: the list-owner. This may not be a bad thing, but I'm
not sure.

What do people think about having all "results of your email commands"
messages come From: list-owner instead of list-bounces? The envelope
would still be from list-bounces for bounce processing.

Note that in response to an earlier thread
I already changed the rejected post message to be From: list-owner

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