[Mailman-Users] Sendmail performance

Knabe, Troy knabe at 4j.lane.edu
Fri Aug 8 23:19:52 CEST 2008

So that works, but I am still seeing 7 minutes where the messages are staying in the sendmail queue. Sendmail is configured to re-run the queue every 5 minutes so the extra 2 is about right for how long it takes to go through the other messages in the queue first.  But why does the message hit the sendmail queue instead of being delivered directly?  Here is an output of mailq

m78LJSTa027726      467 Fri Aug  8 14:19 <knabe at 4j.lane.edu>
                     "|/usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman post

On 8/8/08 12:15 PM, "Dragon" <dragon at crimson-dragon.com> wrote:

Knabe, Troy wrote:
>So my sendmail start script included /usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -q5m
>So I made it  /usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -ODeliveryMode=defer \
>        -ODaemonPortOptions=Name=MSA,Port=1313,M=E,Addr=
---------------- End original message. ---------------------

Put the original line back in, then just add the second one. You need
them both so it listens on both port 25 and the alternate port.

That will do what you want and maintain the original sendmail functionality.


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