[Mailman-Users] several questions.

James - Dunn Deal PR james at dunndealpr.com
Sat Aug 9 02:51:08 CEST 2008

Hey all. I run a publicity company, and we regularly email mp3s to our email
list of a couple thousand DJs. I have MailMan on my Plesk server interface,
and I’m wondering if MM can help make that process easier for me. A few





1.	Does MailMan support attachments? I read that it does, but I want to
be sure. MM is no good to me if it doesn’t.
2.	Can I put a custom message in the subscription email that people
receive when I add them to the mailing list? That way they know exactly who
I am when they receive the subscription email.
3.	If someone replies to the email I send them via MM, where is that
email sent to? The email address I used to send the message to my MM list
for distribution? Or the mailing list email itself? And in that case, where
do I go to read it?
4.	Thirty minutes ago I added two of my email addresses to a test list
(djs at dunndealpr.com), then I sent an email with a 4MB mp3 attached to
djs at dunndealpr.com. Neither of those email addresses have received that
email yet. Did I do it right? How long does MM normally take to send? If I
was to send the same email to, say, 1,000 contacts, how long should I
reasonably expect it to take for everyone to receive the email?
5.	The Plesk pdf tells me I can access the mailing list by going to
http://lists.<my-domain.com>/mailman/admin/<listname> (in my case,
http://lists.dunndealpr.com/mailman/admin/djs), but when I do so I receive
an error message. Why?




Thanks in advance for your help. I’m new to all this.

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