[Mailman-Users] several questions.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Aug 9 03:58:11 CEST 2008

James - Dunn Deal PR wrote:

>1.	Does MailMan support attachments? I read that it does, but I want to
>be sure. MM is no good to me if it doesn’t.

Mailman has optional content filtering. If you turn it off, Mailman
will pass the message to the list with all attachment's intact, or you
can set it to pass or remove only some attachments based on file
extension (.mp3 etc) or content type (audio/mpeg, etc).

>2.	Can I put a custom message in the subscription email that people
>receive when I add them to the mailing list? That way they know exactly who
>I am when they receive the subscription email.


>3.	If someone replies to the email I send them via MM, where is that
>email sent to? The email address I used to send the message to my MM list
>for distribution? Or the mailing list email itself? And in that case, where
>do I go to read it?

You control these things. See <http://wiki.list.org/x/3YA9> for tips on
setting up an announce list which is what I think you want.

>4.	Thirty minutes ago I added two of my email addresses to a test list
>(djs at dunndealpr.com), then I sent an email with a 4MB mp3 attached to
>djs at dunndealpr.com. Neither of those email addresses have received that
>email yet. Did I do it right? How long does MM normally take to send?

Is Mailman running on your server? Normally, this should take only a
bit longer than just mailing the file to the two addresses. See

>If I
>was to send the same email to, say, 1,000 contacts, how long should I
>reasonably expect it to take for everyone to receive the email?

It depends mostly on the bandwidth of your servers connection to the
internet. How long does it take to push up to 4GB through that pipe.

>5.	The Plesk pdf tells me I can access the mailing list by going to
>http://lists.<my-domain.com>/mailman/admin/<listname> (in my case,
>http://lists.dunndealpr.com/mailman/admin/djs), but when I do so I receive
>an error message. Why?

Because the name lists.dunndealpr.com is not known to DNS. I can get to
your admin login page at the URL
<http://dunndealpr.com/mailman/admin/djs>. You either need to set up
Mailman with your web domain as dunndealpr.com or www.dunndealpr.com
or some other known domain or you have to set up a DNS A or CNAME
record for lists.dunndealpr.com.

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