[Mailman-Users] Manually bouncing messages to a mailman list

Cristian Rigamonti cri at linux.it
Sat Aug 9 11:11:29 CEST 2008

Hi list. Here's an interesting (at least for me :) mailman problem that I could
not manage to solve.

If I manually bounce messages to a mailman list (I mean: using the "bounce"
command in mutt, or the "mail redirect" thunderbird plugin), the messages seems
to disappear:

- they don't get delivered to the list (as I would expect when the original
  sender address is subscribed to the list)

- they don't go into the moderation queue (as I would expect when the original
  sender address is not subscribed to the list)

- they don't bounce back to the original sender (nor to the address who bounced the
  message to the list, nor to the list administrator)

Please note that I am a subscriber (and administrator) of the list in question,
but I don't have shell access to the server running mailman (version 2.1.9), so
I can't debug the problem myself.

Could it be that the "Resent-*" headers that get added to the bounced message
are somehow confusing mailman? Or is this a feature? Or a mis-configuration?

I couldn't find anything relevant in the list archives and the documentation,
except for this page, which mentions manually bouncing messages to a list:


I tried following the procedure described in that page (i.e. including an
"Approved: " header with the admin password) but the result is still the same.

Any ideas?


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