[Mailman-Users] set up HTML form to feed into Mailman

Lynn, Michael (GWM-CAI) michael_lynn at ml.com
Thu Aug 14 18:35:04 CEST 2008


You mean instead of using the python driven web form that comes with

You can create a front-end to the existing subscription processes using
an html form that collects the necessary parameters and submits them to
mailman via the form's ACTION=<your mailman url/LISTNAME>.

Here are the required params:
email, fullname, pw, pw-conf (confirmed...same as pw), digest,

Here's a super-simple example:

<title>Subscribe to List</title>
<form action=http://yourmailman.server.com/mailman/subscribe/listname
Email: <input name=email type=text><br>

Full Name: <input name=fullname type=text><br>

Password: <input name=pw type=password><br>
Confirm: <input name=pw-conf type=password><br>

Digest: <select name=digest>
<option value=1>Yes</option>
<option value=0>No</option>

<input type=submit name=email-button value=Submit>

Keep in mind - you'll probably want to implement or write a cgi script
to verify some of the input fields and scrub the data... and verify that
the pw matches pw-conf... but it's a start.

I wrote a script that allows folks to subscribe remotely from command
line on a unix/linux server as long as they have cURL installed... will
forward that along if anybody's interested. 

Here's the important line from the script.  The $VARS are collected from
the stdin or prompted.

curl -s



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Hi all

How hard would it be to create an HTML form for a website which could  
be used to subscribe people to a list, rather than using the one on  
the mailman site for the list?


Dave Briggs
db at davepress.net | www.davepress.net | 07525 209589

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