[Mailman-Users] changing Mailman layout

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Aug 18 18:30:40 CEST 2008

Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
>Thanks! I ran into another problem. I modified the general list 
>information page for one of the lists.
>I edited it from the command line to include a style sheet in it (to 
>test before I do it site-wide). This cannot be done via GUI. Anyway, as 
>long as the link to a stylesheet is a full URL, all is fine. When it is 
>a relative link (like css/stylesheet.css) or full directory path 
>(/path/to/mailman/lists/en/css/stylesheet.css) it does not work either. 
>Can be files referenced from directories and not by full URLs?

First of all, if you think you're saving anything by including a
relative or absolute path as the href= value of the stylesheet link as
opposed to a URL, you are not.

If you have for example in your template that becomes
<http://www.example.com/mailman/listinfo/list>, something like

<link rel=stylesheet type="text/css" href="css/stylesheet.css">

that gets sent to the browser just as is, and the browser considers
that as relative to the base URL and does an HTTP GET of path
/mailman/listinfo/css/stylesheet.css from www.example.com to get the
style sheet. The two points are:

- it is no different in terms of HTTP interaction from the case of
putting an absolute URL in the href=, and

- in this example at least, it doesn't work because the web server has
a ScriptAlias for /mailman/ so the web server processes this request
by invoking Mailman's listinfo cgi wrapper which isn't going to serve
the stylesheet.

You probably can specify a full directory path to the css, but the web
server will still look for it relative to the servers document root,
and it isn't really any different from specifying it as a URL.

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