[Mailman-Users] Redirecting Mailman URL

Alan.Rubin at nt.gov.au Alan.Rubin at nt.gov.au
Tue Aug 19 02:45:04 CEST 2008


We have an internal Mailman server.  The service is up and running for our
internal clients, but now we need to have it accessible to the world.  We have a
reverse-proxy that will allow us to redirect to port 80 for our internal Mailman
server, but our Security group seems to have a fondness for external hosts with
hostnames that only begin with "www".  Internally, and in the Mailman
configuration, the hostname is just "lists".   If I add a ServerAlias of
"www.lists..." to my Apache configuration, listinfo interprets www.lists in a
different manner and claims there are no lists published for www.lists...

Is there a way I can have "www.lists" get the same results as "lists" either
through mm_cfg.py or the Apache configuration?  Perhaps with add_virtualhost?

Any help would be appreciated.


Alan Rubin
Technician Unix
DCS Midrange Services
Phone: +61 (08) 8999 6814
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e-Mail: alan.rubin at nt.gov.au

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