[Mailman-Users] more details on broken archiving...

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Aug 21 06:35:02 CEST 2008

Mark Heer wrote:
>It appears that the archiver is not honoring the mmcfg entry:
>PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = 'ssh -e none -i $HOME/.ssh/archkey mailman at nim.nersc.gov %(listname)s'
>is there a way to manually test this routine.

What do you expect it to do. What it says is login via ssh using the
specified key as user mailman to host nim.nersc.gov and pipe the
message to be archived to the command whose name is the name of the
list. Is that what you want?

You can test it with

su mailman -c 'ssh -e none -i $HOME/.ssh/archkey mailman at nim.nersc.gov
list_name < file/containing/an/email/message'

This assumes that ArchRunner which will actually be running this
command is running as user mailman as it should be.

>The last thing done before archiver stopped working was to change a list archive from monthly to yearly - then I re-created the archive with arch --wipe.  All the old stuff is there but nothing new.

bin/arch only works with the pipermail archive, not with external
archivers. If you rebuild a pipermail archive with bin/arch --wipe, it
will be built with all the messages currently in the archive mbox
file, but new messages will not be added to the pipermail archive
because you have an external archiver.

If you have an external archiver, the pipermail HTML archive will not
be written. It's an either/or choice. Either pipermail or external.

>The shunting messages still appear in the log after the check_perms was run.

See my reply to your prior post.

>I sent to a test list which is configured fror public archive.  It gets delivered to the members, not shunted aand not in the archives, and no error messages.

Not in which archive. Not in the pipermail archive is expected because
you have a specified PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER. Not in the external
archive is an issue for your external archiver.

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