[Mailman-Users] Preventing accidental resubscription

Darrell Burkey techmgr at case.org.au
Mon Aug 25 00:42:49 CEST 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:
 > If it were my client, I would tell them that I don't support spammers
 > and that before adding anyone to their list, they should have a
 > current request from the person to be on the list, and even then maybe
 > just send an invitation.

What interesting responses. Spammers really have made us a paranoid 
bunch haven't they? There's no need to assume my clients are spamming or 
to be 'suspicious' about what they are doing. Indeed, it's a good 
opportunity to learn from new users and get their perspective on things.

This is a community group who are doing their best to develop procedures 
to ensure they respect unsubscribe requests from their members, who for 
whatever reason may decide to unsubscribe after having been a 
subscriber, by not accidentally resubscribing their address later on. 
Simply an administrative issue that I'm checking to see how other users 

Here in Australia we have spam legislation and privacy requirements that 
actually have some teeth. We do take those subjects quite seriously.

I work with a non-profit  running a service specifically for community 
groups to obtain mailing lists. But non-profit groups have their 
challenges that can make dealing with such things interesting. They do 
very valuable work and therefore we do whatever we can to support them.

See http://www.communitylists.org.au if interested.


Darrell Burkey, President
Computing Assistance Support & Education Inc

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