[Mailman-Users] Preventing accidental resubscription

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Aug 25 01:47:54 CEST 2008

Darrell Burkey wrote:

>Mark Sapiro wrote:
> > If it were my client, I would tell them that I don't support spammers
> > and that before adding anyone to their list, they should have a
> > current request from the person to be on the list, and even then maybe
> > just send an invitation.
>What interesting responses. Spammers really have made us a paranoid 
>bunch haven't they? There's no need to assume my clients are spamming or 
>to be 'suspicious' about what they are doing. Indeed, it's a good 
>opportunity to learn from new users and get their perspective on things.

I'm sorry I wasn't more diplomatic in my reply above.  I'm sure your
clients are honorable and well intentioned. I'm sure that they have
the same problems that all of us have with users who claim they want
to be on a list but just can't seem to manage a simple email
confirmation, and I'm sure they have the same problems we all have
with the aol, hotmail, yahoo, googlemail, etc. users who have asked to
be on the list and then click the 'spam' or 'junk' button on list mail.

But, my point is if they are adding people to a list without a specific
current request in some form from the user to be on the list, then by
some definitions at least they are spamming that user, and if they do
have a specific current request from the user, why do they need to be
concerned that the user previously unsubscribed for whatever reason?

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