[Mailman-Users] Web interface down

Bill Christensen billc_lists at greenbuilder.com
Tue Aug 26 11:18:20 CEST 2008

Hey folks,

I'm having trouble with the web interface again.   I added a couple 
new lists today and stopped/started both fetchmail and mailman to 
make sure they would pick up the new addresses.  It appears that my 
lists are still running and the pipermail archives are still working, 
but I can't get in to the admin via the web on any lists, including 
the new ones.  I'm getting the "Bug in Mailman version 2.1.9" screen. 
Everything was good until I stopped/started.

I'm running Apache2.  NOT SELinux.

I've done permission fixes.

I've looked for corrupt config files using:

echo > noop.py "def noop(mlist): return"
./withlist -a -r noop

(all showed "unlocked")

I've checked the logs.  No sign of anything specific there.

I can't find the cause.

Bill Christensen

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