[Mailman-Users] outlook wrong from header

Omar Armas oarmas at mpsnet.net.mx
Fri Aug 29 00:24:40 CEST 2008

I have an announce list and it works great, except for Outlook and
Hotmail clients, which include in the "From" text displayed to the
client something like:

listname-bounces at domain.name on behalf of memotest at domain.name

instead of the name and email of the original sender.

I searched the list and the headers and I think the problem is the
Sender and/or X-Envelope-From header mailman appends. It seems that
only Outlook and Hotmail display it's value in the From text to the

I also read that mailman people is just honoring the RFC's and
standard's and it seems it's the MUA who doesn't comply.

But you know, user's are user's and don't know anything about it. So,
my question is, how can I avoid this error? Is it possible to
delete/filter these headers in every mail sent by mailman?



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