[Mailman-Users] when does logs/post get updated?

Ricardo Kleemann ricardo at americasnet.com
Mon Dec 1 20:50:21 CET 2008

Mark, thanks for your help.

For the most part I did get around the SMTP issues last week, I disabled 
ident lookup on the smtp server. But it seems to be back today and I don't 
quite understand what could be the problem.

I wrote a tiny perl script to test the connection to the server via 
localhost and I can consistently do 500 connections in 30 seconds. I don't 
see any other evidence of the smtp hanging up.

But if I do an strace on the outgoing runner, it basically is working very 
slowly through a large memberlist. It will process a certain number, then 
hang a few seconds before it processes the next batch. The server is not 
loaded and I don't see any other evidence of problems.

Do you have a small python script I can run to test out the localhost smtp 
that can maybe output some diagnostic information?


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> Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
>>I have some more data on this...
>>I enabled the debug in SMTPDirect.py, and it shows that there really
>>aren't any problems. It shows that slowly a message is being sent out.
> So your real issue is why is it proceeding so slowly.
>>I followed the performance tuning suggestions that had the MAX_RCPTS in
>>Defaults.py at an optimal value from 2-5, so I set it to 3.
> Is the MTA doing DNS verification on incoming mail from Mailman? Are
> you having some DNS issue?
>>But does that mean that mailman is going to simply get stuck on one
>>single message distribution and won't process any others until this one
>>is finished?
> Yes.
>>I used to have these lists on another server and over there I had the
>>MAX_RCPTS set to a high number, but my mail server is set to reject
>>above 25 rcpts anyway so the end result that at max it would handle 25
>>rcpts. I remember that whenever a message arrived for the list (again
>>20,000 members) on the other server, the load average on the server
>>would go pretty high as it processed the list.
>>But now on this new server I never see the load avg go up. Is this
>>because of the MAX_RCPTS setting? What else would keep mailman from
>>efficiently handling the messages?
> Slow response from the MTA. Even with SMTP_MAX_RCPTS set to 3, you
> should be delivering on the order of 100 or more recipients per
> second. What do you see in Mailman's smtp log for processing tomes for
> messages. How do the latest ones compare to those from days or a week
> ago?
>>The OutgoingRunner is just sitting there slowly distributing the message
>>and never seems to get to the next one.
> It will when it finishes this one.
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