[Mailman-Users] when does logs/post get updated?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Dec 1 23:46:29 CET 2008

Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
>I wrote a tiny perl script to test the connection to the server via 
>localhost and I can consistently do 500 connections in 30 seconds. I don't 
>see any other evidence of the smtp hanging up.

The connection rate is generally not an issue as Mailman normall does
all the transactions over a single connection.  I.e. it connects, does
a "MAIL FROM" one or more "RCPT TO", and "DATA", and then begins
another "MAIL FROM", etc transaction without quitting or

>But if I do an strace on the outgoing runner, it basically is working very 
>slowly through a large memberlist. It will process a certain number, then 
>hang a few seconds before it processes the next batch. The server is not 
>loaded and I don't see any other evidence of problems.

If there are significant delays between sending RCPT TO and the
responce from the server, the server is probably doing DNS verifies on
the recipients. This kills performance on large lists.

What's it doing when it "hangs for a few seconds"? Presumably it is
either sending the message content or waiting for a reply from the MTA.

>Do you have a small python script I can run to test out the localhost smtp 
>that can maybe output some diagnostic information?

No. I don't have any such script. As I said in previous posts

>Even with SMTP_MAX_RCPTS set to 3, you
>should be delivering on the order of 100 or more recipients per
>second. What do you see in Mailman's smtp log for processing tomes for
>messages. How do the latest ones compare to those from days or a week


>Search the FAQ <http://wiki.list.org/x/AgA3> for "tuning".

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