[Mailman-Users] Having a number of problems

Joe Ruffolo joer at mrkgroup.com
Tue Dec 2 19:24:16 CET 2008

I've been trying for weeks to get mailman up and running. Im very new to
Linux, mailman, apache and all the MTA's.

I've followed all the write up's but can never seem to get mailman to work

Right now im at the point where if I create a newlist it will send an email
to the administrator of that list (me) but the links (URLS) it sends in the
email do not work (I get page not found errors). 

After fooling around and looking around I was able to access the web
management part of mailman ( by total luck I was tooling around and in
/var/mail/ i found an email that had the same URL on it and i copy and
pasted it and it worked. It only works on the server in which mailman runs
on) so I can administer my lists from there.

The problem is

I can mass subscribe a billion people and they actually receive the welcome
to such and such list but they cant email that list.  I don't know where the
email goes.  Afew days ago i was getting mailer daemon errors.

I also cant access the links to that list as well. 

What am I missing here!  

I am using sendmail as my MTA

Thanks in advnace!


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