[Mailman-Users] Lapsed domain name

Jan Steinman Jan at Bytesmiths.com
Wed Dec 3 19:16:59 CET 2008

> From: Jan Steinman <Jan at Bytesmiths.com>
> I'd start slamming the list with thousands of messages (yea, I know,  
> unkind to the hapless subscribers) in the hope that all the bounces  
> and admin backscatter will spur the new domain owner into action.

Before everyone starts jumping all over me for writing this, I should  
have bracketed that with <sarcasm>...</sarcasm> Please don't do that.

Mark's suggestion that you politely tell the hosting service that the  
list will be reported to various spam cops as a spam site should get  
results. Do "whois domainname" to find out the email addresses of  
people who can help you.

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