[Mailman-Users] Lapsed domain name

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Wed Dec 3 19:35:33 CET 2008

Amos Glenn wrote:

>But between then and now, the group let the domain name lapse and someone
>else now owns the domain name. Thus I can no longer get to the Mailman list
>admin website to turn the list off.

There are a couple of techy ways you could do this:

- Point the hosts file at the relevant IP address of the web server you use to manage the domain/Mailman setup, then point a web browser at it.  It should work locally.

- If you have a local DNS server, and you know the authoritative DNS servers provided by the original web host, create a stub zone with the relevant NS records pointing to those nameservers.  When a client using that nameserver tries to resolve the relevant domain name, the DNS resolver should look up and return the records from the old webhost.


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