[Mailman-Users] New User trying to get Mailman, Apache2, Postfix working on Ubuntu LTS Server 8.04 for Internet

Rusty0918 Rusty0918 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 3 20:50:02 CET 2008

You know, I can't access the Apache Web Server from the Internet. Though I
seem to be able to via the home LAN using the IP.

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Rusty0918 writes:
>  > And how exactly do I do that? I've been trying different ways to
>  > get Mailman to work properly, and frankly I'm at a big loss, and I
>  > mean a big loss.
> If "do that" refers to "configure the network routing and DNS
> services", you're asking in the wrong place.  Try the Ubuntu forums,
> where you'll find people who are familiar with the configuration tools
> you'll need to use.  You might also get help from your ISP, who will
> likely be the people doing any configuration of routing and DNS to and
> from the Internet.
> Can you access Apache at all from the LAN?  How about the Internet?
> Can you send ordinary mail to the host from other hosts on the LAN?
>>From hosts on the Internet?  Can your host send mail to other hosts on
> the LAN?  How about out to the Internet?  If your answer to any of the
> questions above is "no", you need to fix that problem before coming
> back here.
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