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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 4 20:40:52 CET 2008

Greg and Cheryl Sabens wrote:
>Question #1
>So, I'm unclear about something concerning footers (mainly on the Non-digest options).  It appears that whenever I create a footer, something (whether it's mailman or Yahoo!) is adding the following line:
>-----Inline Attachment Follows-----
>Can someone tell me where this is originating from.  Sometime is looks like it from Mailman, but I have confirmed that it's not part of the footer that I created.  But sometimes it seems to be in Yahoo! because when I receive the same email in Outlook and that text is not there.

It occurs because of the answer to Question #2, but it is the specific
mail client (Yahoo) that is displaying the footer in this way.

>Question #2
>Even beyond that, no matter which mail program/service I use (Yahoo! or Outlook), what footer I do create is attached to the email as an attachment.  Again, I don't know what is causing that; 1) is Mailman sending it that way, or 2) are the mail programs/services forcing the footer (which does show up in the email body) to also be attached?

Mailman is doing it because the MIME structure of the incoming message
does not allow simply adding the footer to the 'body' of the mail.

>I'd like to have a footer in the body of the email coming through my maillist, but I'd rally rather not have the "-----Inline Attachment Follows-----" text in the body or the footer included as an attachment to the email.
>Again, sorry if this is repetitive, but I couldn't find any thread or faq that spoke specifically to these questions...only close to it.

The FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/84A9> speaks exactly to this
question (Question #2). In order for Mailman to add a footer and add
it to the message 'body', the incoming post must be a simple
text/plain message, not HTML or multipart/alternative or you must set
content filtering to make it so.

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