[Mailman-Users] Problem with moving lists

James Gallagher jgallagher at opendap.org
Fri Dec 5 01:34:59 CET 2008


I moved a set of lists from one host & mailman installation to another  
host running Mailman 2.1.11rc2. I followed the advice in the FAQ  
regarding moving lists and it seemed to work OK but I notice two  
issues. First, messages to the lists are not being archived - I've  
checked the permissions on the .mbox files, et c., and they are the  
same as with new lists where archiving does work. One thing that  
shouldn't matter is that I ran configure before I copied the lists - I  
forget if that's the order used in the FAQ answer.

The second question, and it might provide a clue regarding the first,  
is that I have the lists in question set to prefix the message subject  
with  the name of the list in brackets. Again, that works with the new  
lists but not with the moved lists.


James Gallagher
jgallagher at opendap.org

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