[Mailman-Users] Moving server and location

Marc Beyer djhumbucker at tirwhan.org
Sat Dec 6 15:03:15 CET 2008


I'm trying to move the lists and archives of an existing Mailman 2.1.8
installation to a new server with a newly installed 2.1.11 version. On
the old server, everything was kept under /opt/mailman-2.1.8, whereas on
the new one (due to disk space issues) the archives and lists should be
kept separately under /var/adm. Both of this is on HP-UX btw.

This is my configure-line for the new install:

/configure --prefix=/opt/mailman-2.1.11/ --with-mail-gid=mailman

The install worked fine as far as I can see. I then moved over the
directories "archives", "lists" and "data" from the old server to the
new one and fixed the symbolic links within archives to point at the new

If I now run /opt/mailman-2.1.11/bin/list_lists it finds all the
previously existing lists. check_perms also runs fine.

Problem: both http://newserver.url/mailman/listinfo and
http://newserver.url/mailman/admin say that there are no lists
installed. What can I do to see these lists in the web interface? Also,
shouldn't I be prompted for the old admin password at some point(where
is that kept)?

If there's any FAQ I've missed please be so kind as to point me to it,
I've spent several hours scouring the online docs as well as the list
archives but am still missing a solution.



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