[Mailman-Users] listhost vs hostname vs host_name

Will will at tekimaki.com
Sun Dec 7 16:20:07 CET 2008

Hi -

so we have an automated setup between a CMS forum and mailman to create 
lists, having a little confusion about what values to pass config_list

trying to understand what these three values govern: listhost vs 
hostname vs host_name

right now we set -e emailhost via newlist, this has resulted in some 
incorrect data displaying in emails. this seems to set the listhost 
value but not host_name or hostname.

we are attaching all lists to a subdomain. so like somelist at sub.domain.com

emails from the lists setup however are coming from 
somelist-bounces at domain.com and in the emails the post to email address 
is give as somelist at domain.com.

postfix and mailman however are working find at accepting emails to 
somelist at sub.domain.com and processing them through the lists.

so I thought, hmm... maybe we need to set hostname to 'sub.domain.com'. 
but I also see that the templates for emails have 2 different hostname 
params: hostname and host_name.

can someone explain the differences between all there and how to get our 
list configurations right using the commandline commands for our 
subdomained lists?


oh PS - is there a command also to patch our existing lists to set the 
host name values correctly. thanks

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