[Mailman-Users] deleted admins and attachments wouldn't work.

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Dec 8 03:08:26 CET 2008

on 12/6/08 5:29 PM, St John's Webmaster said:

> One day last week, mailman reset the overarching admin password, removed 
> certain people from lists as admins, and suddenly sent out password 
> reminders. And, it wouldn't send out lists attachments. The attachments 
> exits when the moderator sees the message, but are scrubbed after that. 
> No content filtering is active.

Mailman would not just do this on it's own.  Something else had to 
happen, and I'm guessing it was probably someone restoring data from a 
backup that wiped out your current production environment.

Nothing that you're talking about could possibly happen with the 
standard version of Mailman with the standard cron jobs.

> 2.1.11cp2

If you're running cPanel, please take a look at FAQ 6.11 at 

You need to talk to your provider or cPanel, to see what they must have 
done to you.

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