[Mailman-Users] How can I know whther the mailer is distributing ornot

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Dec 9 01:36:46 CET 2008

swapan mitra wrote:
>I have posted a mailer on 05/12/2008 around 4PM IST in one of my mailing list. In the list I have around 25000 subscriber. I have subscribed to same list with email id start with b, z etc to check the posting.

Mailman doesn't send in email address order. It is unlikely, but
possible that all the addresses you subscribed will be sent towards
the end of the list.

However, you sent this on Mon, 8 Dec 2008 05:53:52 +0000 which if I am
correct is 11:23 AM IST or almost 3 days later. If all the list
members haven't been delivered by now, something is very wrong.

>I have not yet recieved any mail to  those ids. I am list administrator and do not have shell access I have only access through Control Panel. How can I know whther the mailer is distributing or not. 

Determining whether mail has been sent and debugging such problems
requires access to Mailman and MTA logs on the server. You will have
to enlist the aid of someone who has that access.

See the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/A4E9> for basic troubleshooting

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