[Mailman-Users] relaying and public lists

Peter Kaszas pkaszas at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 23:16:51 CET 2008


I have a frontend mailserver with postfix, it is configured to relay all
mails which have destination:  listname at list.example.com to my mailman
server. This mailman server is in DMZ, it have LOCAL IP, and it is
configured with postfix. In my postfix transport.db file I added the link to
relay all @list.algotech.hu to mailman:

My mailman-postfix host get mails from the frontend server. Everything is
cool. But, when I wanted to setup some lists to accept mails from everybody
(public list) (that means I accept mails also from non-listmembers without
any moderation), that means I setup in Privacy Options ... -> Sender Filter
-> General Non Memeber rule : ACCEPT!!!!

But it doesnt do that. Still If I send a mail from a non subscribed account,
It holds up, and waits for moderation.... How could it be posibble? Did I
something make wrong?

Thx. Peter

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