[Mailman-Users] automatically remove uncaught bounces

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Dec 12 16:34:18 CET 2008

faisal anif wrote:
>I recieve hundreds of messages everyday as uncaught bounce notifications and most of them are spam ADs of pills and stuff sent to my list.. and some of them are actually uncaught bounces by mailman. I can't keep opening the messages everyday to filter them, on the other hand I can't afford to ignore the actual uncaught spams in order not to be blocked by their corresponding mail servers!
>is there a way to let mailman unsubscribe the addresses of uncaught spams automatically from my lists instead of sending it to me?

If Mailman could recognize the DSN as such and extract the address from
it, it wouldn't be "uncaught"; it would be handled be bounce

If you collect the legitimate bounces that are unrecognized and send
them to me off list, I can try to update the recognizers to recognize
them. However, please don't do this unless you are running a recent
Mailman, at least 2.1.9 or preferably 2.1.11, since otherwise you will
probably be sending me ones that are already recognized in later
Mailman. Also, don't send me non-English language DSNs unless they
have an RFC3464 compliant message/delivery-status part.

Also note, that if you enable VERP in Mailman (or in your MTA),
legitimate bounces will never be unrecognized. Set


in mm_cfg.py to enable it in Mailman.

Finally, it would help greatly if you would install some effective spam
filtering ahead of Mailman.

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