[Mailman-Users] automatically remove uncaught bounces

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Fri Dec 12 22:15:17 CET 2008

On 12/12/2008 03:00 AM, faisal anif wrote:
> is there a way to let mailman unsubscribe the addresses of uncaught 
> spams automatically from my lists instead of sending it to me?

Slightly off topic, but still related.

I'm trying to think (and not having much luck at the moment) what SMTP 
envelope address Mailman sends messages from.  I believe the address is 
different than the address for the list (or -request type) but I'm not 
sure.  /If/ (and that's a kicker) the address *is* different, you might 
be able to do something like Sendmail's "Protected Recipients" tweak. 
In short P.R. only allows inbound messages to the ""protected recipient 
if the sender is on a allowed list.  The idea being that if Mailman is 
the only one that would be sending to the address that it's messages are 
sent from, you could restrict what message could come in to it if they 
were not sent by Mailman its self.

Just a thought.

Grant. . . .

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