[Mailman-Users] Filter for exact domain names

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sun Dec 14 01:35:59 CET 2008

Mark Sapiro writes:

 > Note however that my experience with trying to use regexps in
 > discard_these_nonmembers to keep spam from being held is that it isn't
 > worth it. You may see the same domain a bunch of times, but by the
 > time you get around to discarding it, it's probably on the way out
 > anyway.

The following (Chinese) domains are perennial offenders (and I do mean
*years*):  tom.com, 163.com, 126.com, and 263.com.  Unfortunately, I
have (or have had) subscribers apparently from all of them (maybe
there's a lot of Chinese-origin spam "Created by XEmacs"? :-/), so
I've needed to filter at the list-moderator level.

 > Also, only the message-id of discarded messages is logged by
 > Mailman, so figuring out if any particular discard_these_nonmembers
 > entry is still being hit is difficult.

That's true.  If your host is already running SpamAssassin, it might
be possible to enable user filters, and then you could blacklist those
on a per-list basis (I'm not sure how hard it is to associate a user-
as-SpamAssassin-understands-it with a mailing list, though).

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