[Mailman-Users] Different IPs for each list?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Mon Dec 15 01:25:37 CET 2008

On 12/14/2008 06:25 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> I'm still not sure I understand, but if I do, there's nothing in 
> Mailman to either support or inhibit this.

I agree (from my limited understanding of Mailman's inner workings) that 
Mailman its self is indifferent to what the OP wants to do.  This is 
really up to the MTA and web server.

> If I mail to listx at lists.blah.org, my MTA is going to look up the MX 
> for lists.blah.org and make it's SMTP connection to that IP. If 
> you're saying you want a different route from that MX to the Mailman 
> host depending on list name, that would be something the MTA in the 
> MX would have to do. Ultimately, the mail would arrive at the Mailman 
> host and an MTA there would pipe it to the mail wrapper and Mailman 
> would process it.


I would like to add that if you created a new sub-domain that was list 
specific you could route inbound messages to individual IPs.  I.e. 
<something>@list1.domain.tld would be routed to one IP while 
<something>@list2.domain.tld would be routed to a different IP.  This is 
possible because each sub-domain (list1., list2., ... list6.) would have 
their own MX records that resolve to host names that resolve to the 
appropriate IP for the mailing list.

> Outbound, Mailman delivers all mail to one MTA which is usually 
> listining on localhost:25 but can be anywhere. If you want mail from 
> different lists to go out from different IPs, it would be up to that 
> MTA to send it differently depending on the envelope sender of the 
> message.

Agreed.  See my previous post for more details.

Grant. . . .

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