[Mailman-Users] Different IPs for each list?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Dec 15 01:49:46 CET 2008

Grant Taylor wrote:
>I would like to add that if you created a new sub-domain that was list 
>specific you could route inbound messages to individual IPs.  I.e. 
><something>@list1.domain.tld would be routed to one IP while 
><something>@list2.domain.tld would be routed to a different IP.  This is 
>possible because each sub-domain (list1., list2., ... list6.) would have 
>their own MX records that resolve to host names that resolve to the 
>appropriate IP for the mailing list.

That was my original thought as to what was wanted, but the OP said No.
See his post at

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