[Mailman-Users] Different IPs for each list?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Dec 15 05:06:50 CET 2008

on 12/14/08 8:23 PM, J.A. Terranson said:

> So, if I understand this correctly, mailman is completely unaware of it's 
> own IP, even though it is aware of it's domain names?

Correct.  And it's only aware of those domain names that you 
specifically configure.

As far as the web side of the house is concerned, all the IP-level stuff 
is done by your web server, usually something like apache.  On the mail 
side of the house, all the IP-level stuff is done by your mail server, 
usually something like sendmail, postfix, Exim, etc....

At no time does Mailman know a single thing about any of the IP 
addresses it is using.

If you need to do something with Mailman that is specific to a given IP 
address, you need to do that on the appropriate server that performs 
that function.  In this case, you need to make those changes in postfix.

But how you make those changes is beyond the scope of this mailing list. 
  In your case, I suggest you try the postfix-users mailing list, their 
FAQs and documentation, etc....

> I need listA to distribute on and listB to distribute on  
> The reverse isnt really an issue, as once the mail gets to the MTA, it's 
> effectively at mailman, but I'm trying to wrap my head around a solution 
> for breaking up the outgoing mail onto separate IPs.  if I recall, mailman 
> IS very much aware of its domain and addresses.  isnt this going to cause 
> issues with rewriting virtualized envelopes?

What IP address you use to send out mail has absolutely nothing 
whatsoever to do with the IP addresses or domain names that would be 
used for *receiving* any bounces or other traffic coming inbound.

This part is very much like a real post office.  You can drop off 
outgoing mail in any public mailbox or post office you want, and that 
doesn't have any effect on mail that comes addressed to your house.

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