[Mailman-Users] Sender Rejected Emails

Michael Curtis bazmail at bazmac.co.uk
Sun Dec 14 17:27:00 CET 2008


I have an announce only mailing list setup up on Leopard Server  
10.5.5. It works fine except I want to send moderated users an email  
to say they can't send to this list. In the sender filters I have all  
new users are moderated set to yes. Moderated posts are set to reject  
and I have some reject text in the box. That email is never sent back  
to the user.

If I change the reject to hold, I do get the email sent to the  
moderator asking for the email to be released. Also, if I send an  
email as a non member, I do get the email I setup saying you are not a  
member and explaining how to join.

What have I missed?

Best wishes


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