[Mailman-Users] Anomalies since upgrading to 2.1.11

Lindsay Haisley fmouse-mailman at fmp.com
Wed Dec 17 01:19:43 CET 2008

On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 16:08 -0800, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> The obvious moral here is if you have 3rd party add-ons to your
> mailman
> installation, you need to check that they are compatible with an
> upgrade.
> Once you have made that change and restarted Mailman, you can run
> bin/unshunt to reprocess the shunted messages, but I urge you to first
> remove or move aside any shunt queue entries that might be for example
> notices of held messages that have already been dealt with.

Hi Mark,

You're absolutely spot-on here with regard to the cause.  There's just
too damn much to keep up with.  I'm thankful to you and others who have
the kindness and courtesy to keep the rest of us informed and on track.

I had already isolated the problem (not having noticed the SpamAssassin
reference in the traceback when I posted originally) and had fixed
SpamAssassin.py pretty much as per your prescription, but was in the
progress of testing things out before I wrote this list and declared the
problem fixed.

Since we have a limited number of lists here I may just nuke the shunted
messages here and notify the list owners to check their pending

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