[Mailman-Users] connect to exchange server

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed Dec 17 22:25:00 CET 2008

On 12/17/08 15:07, Taylor, Grant wrote:
> Mailman (like any other SMTP speaking program) should be able to work 
> with Exchange.  Well, at least Mailman should be able to send email to 
> Exchange via SMTP.  You may have to do something interesting to get 
> Exchange to send email for a specific (Mailman) address elsewhere to be 
> able to interface with it.
> You may have more luck finding something that will connect to a POP3 
> server (Exchange) and download messages and feed them in to Mailman.

Are you running Mailman on the Exchange (or another Windows) server?  If 
so, is it with in a Cygwin environment?  Or are you running Mailman on a 
different unix box?

Either way (Cygwin or a different unix box) look in to fetchmail as it 
can download mail from a POP3 server (Exchange) and pass it in to a 
program via it's --mta command.  As such, I think you could have 
fetchmail get email from Exchange via POP3 and then pass it in to 
Mailman directly (similar to how the mm-handler script for Sendmail works).

Then it would just be a matter of setting something up to call fetchmail 
periodically to download mail and pass it to Mailman.

Grant. . . .

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