[Mailman-Users] eMailing a members only list from a known location with out verifying members.

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Thu Dec 18 09:55:09 CET 2008

Is it possible to post messages to a members only list with out Mailman 
validating the sender when posting with a known (specific to this 
purpose) method?

Now for the back story.  I am setting up a mailing list that is using a 
(Usenet) news to email gateway on the news server and having it send / 
post to a mailing list.  I had the system set to accept messages from 
unknown senders (any one in the world can post to the news group(s)) but 
messages were still being moderated because Mailman did not see the 
mailing list in the To: or CC: fields.  Thus I had an accident where the 
mailing list sent moderation messages to lots of people.

After wiping all the egg of my face I have given it some thought and I 
understand why Mailman did what it did.  It's just that I want Mailman 
to not moderate the way that it did when I'm posting messages from the 
news to email gateway.

Is there an option that can be passed to the mm-handler (or comparable) 
that will tell it to not apply the usual restrictions that probably 
should be on the mailing list?

I am wanting the mailing list to be closed and only be able to post from 
subscribed members, thus I have an ability to handle abuse if / when it 

Also, I'm not opposed to configuring the news server / news to email 
gateway such that it does not use email per say but rather sends 
messages to Mailman via command line with an option that bypasses the 
usual sender filtering.

Grant. . . .

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