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Jeanne Ilchuk ilchuk at wrlc.org
Thu Dec 18 13:51:15 CET 2008

I was looking thru the archives and found this note from 2004 (below) which gave me the impression that it did not work with exchange.  That being said, here are more of my details.
I'm installing on a Solaris sparc (v10), which has a functioning Sendmail on it.  I just found "Integrating Mailman with Sendmail" in the mailman docs, so I'm working with that.  I ran the Makefile with these parms-
$ ./configure --with-mail-gid=25 --with-cgi-gid=nobody --with-python=/usr/bin/
python --with-mailhost=mail --with-urlhost=mailman

Do I need to run again with cgi-gid=mailnull ?  or can I just chgrp?
--with-mailhost=mail is the hostname our exchange server

On the mailman server, I changed the mailhost to the hostname of the sun server where I installed mailman, then set up the apache server with a dedicated IP and dns entry mailman.  

I'm kind of struggling here because I've been using ecartis MLM on an old FreeBSD server that IT is eliminating.   At the same time we moved our mail from the freebsd server (postfix) to MS Exchange.  I don't have a clue how the exchange server works.  I'm accessing my own email using the WOA Light version, which would have to be imap with SMTP [I thought].  Is exchange a pop3 server ?

Thanks for all the speedy replies.  I'll be back!  -- Back to the drawing board -- suggestions welcome.


At 3:22 AM -0400 2004-07-23, Luke Matthews wrote:
>  I couldn't seem to find anything on the site, but is it possible to
>  install Mailman on a Linux box running RedHat 9 and use a MS Exchange
>  Server for the mail server?
 I don't think that would work.  But if you're installing a Linux 
box anyway, why not also install an MTA on it (sendmail, postfix, 
exim, whatever)?  At that point, it doesn't really matter what mail 
server the recipients use.

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On 12/17/08 15:32, Adam McGreggor wrote:
> Last time I looked at doing this, I ended up sub-domaining out
> (lists.example.org), and installing a *nix box, Exim, and Mailman for
> that subdom (plus appropriate DNS records).

*nod*  That is what I've done.

However this may not be the most appropriate thing to do in some
installs, namely installs that have port 25 port forwarded through the
firewall to the Exchange box.  In this case, you can't port forward 25
to a different server.  Thus you are left with having Exchange relay
that domain and set up internal mail routing to relay messages to the
internal Mailman box.  (I'm fairly confident that Exchange can be made
to relay for other domains but I've never done it, nor would I want to.)

Now on the other hand, the OP may find it advantageous to port forward
port 25 to the Mailman box and run an MTA with better spam filtering and
then have it relay the main domain back to Exchange.  :)  As a plus, you
would not have IIS / Exchange exposed to the world via NAT port
forwarding, which is ALWAYS a plus.  :}

> I think I got as far as setting up ActivePython, and building
> Mailman, to give up at some point, and used a "proper" OS; that in
> mind, though, I'm not a Python fan, and knew it would take me <1 hour
> to have things operational on $OTHER-BOX.

Yep.  I am right there with you.  Mailman is my only use for Python.

> I'd suggest using IMAPS over POP3, ymmv.

Possibly.  Though IMAP is meant for storing messages on the server where
as POP3 is meant for queuing messages, which is more in line with what
would be needed here.  There is also the fact that one or the other
protocol would have to be installed in Exchange.  Most of the systems
I've seen already have POP3 installed but would need to have IMAP
installed.  Thus you are possibly making more changes to Exchange and
potentially aggravating an Exchange admin.

Grant. . . .
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