[Mailman-Users] Spam to list-owner

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Fri Dec 19 09:43:33 CET 2008


On Fri, 19 Dec 2008 02:03:55 -0600
Brad Knowles <brad at shub-internet.org> wrote:

> Generally speaking, one of the best things you can do to lighten your 
> burden is to have a good anti-spam system incorporated into your MTA, so 
> that you block that ~95% of e-mail that is actually spam from ever being 
> accepted by your machine in the first place.  If it's never accepted by 
> the MTA, then it can't get through to Mailman, and then passed on to you.

IMHO mailman should allow to filter all mailman related adresses
seperately, w/o requiring any changes in the MTA settings. This is
because, if you have normal users on a certain domain, who do not
want the MTA messing with their mail, no matter whether it's spam
or not, you cannot filter the mails at that level anymore.

Currently, i only know about a straight forward way to filter
mailinglist mails, but none for the -owner, -bounces, etc adresses.
> Speaking as one of the members of the python.org postmaster team, and as 
> the primary active listowner for all the official mailman-* mailing 
> lists hosted on python.org, I can tell you that another really useful 
> thing is to bring in more people to help you do your work.

This is not always possible and IMHO also not desirable. Things that
can be automated should be automated as much as possible. And spam
handling should be pretty easy to automate up to a certain degree.
Speaking as the postmaster of mplayerhq.hu and being the ex-listowner
of all mailinglists on that domain, i can tell you, that having enough
people helping with administrative tasks can become a problem if the
domain you're dealing with has a few high subscriber count, high traffic

Actually, i must say that mailman doesn't scale very well with the size
of the mailinglist in terms of administrative burden. The time needed
for administrative tasks increases overproportionally with the number
of subscribers. While it took me maybe half an hour to an hour per month
to handle all mailinglist on mplayerhq.hu in 2002 (which i did alone), 
it took me several hours per week to handle everything in 2005, although
the burden was splitt to three people. In the end, it took so much time,
that i had to give up on being listowner completely, to be able to do
anything else beside it.

				Attila Kinali
If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.
		-- African proverb

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