[Mailman-Users] Spam to list-owner

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Dec 19 17:18:45 CET 2008

Brad Knowles wrote:

>on 12/18/08 6:15 PM, Marvin Humphrey said:
>> 2) Create a filter for messages sent to list-owner that only passes mail
>>    generated by Mailman itself.
>Mailman will never generate mail to the list-owner address.  It will 
>receive mail that is addressed to list-owner and will re-route that 
>internally as appropriate, but it will never itself send e-mail to the 
>actual list-owner address.

Actually, that's not true. A lot of Mailman generated notices are
actually sent to list-owner, received and re-sent to the actual
owner/moderator addresses.

Note you may be able to accomplish 2) with header_filter_rules. It's
tricky because the same rules are applied to both list mail and
list-owner mail, so you have to be able to distinguish between them.

If you aren't concerned about "implicit destination" list mail, you
could do something like

Rule 1 regexps:


action = accept

Rule 2 regexp:

^message-id: <mailman\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.LISTNAME at HOSTNAME>$

action = accept

Rule 3 regexp = . Action = discard

The idea being that rule 1 passes mail destined for the list, rule 2
accepts mail with a mailman generated message-id and rule 3 discards
the rest.

Of course, as others have pointed out, discarding mail addressed to
list-owner may not be a good idea.

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