[Mailman-Users] Spam to list-owner

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Dec 20 06:49:27 CET 2008

Lindsay Haisley writes:

 > So if I can't refuse potential spam at the SMTP front door, what
 > difference does it make whether it gets detected in Mailman or the MTA?

None.  But one still wonders why anybody would consider *running
SpamAssassin* anywhere but in the MTA (or in the pipe to the delivery
agent, if milters aren't supported as is apparently true for Courier)
an advantage.

 > What I'd really like is a way to hook SpamAssassin, or a similarly
 > effective tool, into Mailman

You can do that with Henstridge's code, but IMO it's an ugly kludge
compared to running SpamAssassin early and configuring it to report
special features for use by the SpamDetect Handler in Mailman, etc.
They could be given default scores of 0.0 if they can't reliably be
used for scoring except for certain addressees, but they'd still be
reported if their rules are triggered.

 > so that I can get a lot more fine-grained control and set
 > meaningful parameters on a per-list basis.  The further forward I
 > shove it, the harder it is to exercise this kind of control.

In your case you'd be running it in maildrop, which presumably means
you know which addressee(s) is (are) being delivered.  It should be
possible to give that information to SpamAssassin (SpamAssassin knows
on which user's behalf it's being run, although I forget the details)
and configure rules conditional on that information.  I don't see why
this would be enormously harder than than if SpamAssassin were running
in Mailman, and it would have the advantage that rule dispatch would
be configured in one place.

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