[Mailman-Users] Spam to list-owner

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Dec 20 11:35:07 CET 2008

Lindsay Haisley writes:

 > Courier doesn't need milters.  Maildrop can be run in what's called
 > "embedded mode" which is effectively the same thing.

No, it's not the same, not for the purpose of deciding whether
*Courier* needs milters.  *You* don't need milters because you don't
mind eating the occasional slice of Spam.  But you need to keep those
concepts separate, or you're going to confuse the heck out of those of
us who do care care about *every* spam we SMTP accept (not to mention
yanking on Brad's "do it in the MTA" chain).

 > Courier could easily be configured to keep reject identified spam
 > in SMTP, but as it is, people are more comfortable having the
 > option to examine it and adjust their filtering levels accordingly.

Sure, I do that too, but also avail myself of the option to SMTP
reject SpamAssassin scores >15 (which actually does happen quite
frequently even after RBL).

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