[Mailman-Users] CC's, replies

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Dec 20 19:35:36 CET 2008

Lindsay Haisley wrote:
>I do
>have one request.  When you reply to one of my posts on this list,
>please don't CC me, or reply to me and CC the list.  I'm on the list so
>I get a copy of everything you post.  I don't need two of them :-)

People reply-all to list posts for various reasons. One very good
reason is it keeps posters "in the loop" even if they are digest

If you set your list options to "nodups" ("Avoid duplicate copies of
messages?" on the user options page) you will not receive the message
from the list if your subscribed address is in To: or Cc:, and if the
address is in Cc: it will be removed from the Cc: in the post sent
from the list.

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