[Mailman-Users] Posts from listowner address issue

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Dec 20 19:49:11 CET 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>J.A. Terranson wrote:
>>Dec 20 01:35:17 2008 (633) Skipping and preserving unparseable message: 
>This may be an unparseable message. It got preserved for analysis in
>qfiles/shunt (2.1.10) or qfiles/bad (2.1.11). view it with bin/dumpdb
>-p or bin/show_qfiles/. It's name is the string in the message with a
>.psv extension.
>>Dec 20 01:35:17 2008 (633) Failed to unlink/preserve backup file: 
>This is probably the multiple qrunner issue.

Actually, the above seems a bit more complicated. The original message
is in the virgin queue so should never be unparseable. It may all be a
qrunner race issue. I.e. some VirginRunner other than PID 633
processed the message and when PID 633 tried to preserve it, the other
runner instance had already removed it, but that doesn't explain why
PID 633 found it unparseable in the first place. Does
1229758515.53407+f7dd7f3e72a65eb8764166694ac958f0d9335dcf.psv exist in
qfiles/shunt or qfiles/bad?

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