[Mailman-Users] deleted admins and attachments wouldn't work.

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Dec 22 07:51:28 CET 2008

on 12/20/08 8:52 PM, St John's Webmaster said:

> I've now had a look in the config.pck files and i have a whole lot of 
> rubbish namely the friend at public.com etc... i'm really unsure what the 
> proper contents of this should be.. as someone said they think i was 
> previously hacked. do things look right? The 'message-id: 
> relay.comanche.denmark.eu' makes me suspicious.

Just doing a "strings" on that file won't show you a whole lot that is 
actually useful.  Try doing a "dumpdb" first.

The thing is that "strings" will just pull out anything it thinks might 
potentially be human readable, whereas "dumpdb" understands the binary 
"pickle" format and can actually parse the data structures on disk and 
then provide the output in a format that actually makes some sense.

If "dumpdb" were to die while trying to parse the file (which is rare, 
but I've seen it happen), that's when you would fall back on "strings".

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