[Mailman-Users] Centos + Blue Quartz question - virtual site issue.

Alex arogozin at comcast.net
Mon Dec 22 08:18:38 CET 2008

Brad, your help is not working - it's broken.

package was downloaded by webmin from YUM, correct one for OS. I have set up 
mailman with great success on Centos 5.2 no other way but by following 
set-up procedures - i guess there is no other way, is there?

Now i'm looking for pointers from somebody who possibly had to do same thing 
on Centos+BQ and can tell me what did i miss.

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> on 12/21/08 5:35 PM, Alex said:
>> I'm trying to set up Mailman on NuOnce Centos+Blue Quartz site, running 
>> into a problem - all emails to the aliases come back as "unknown user".
> Clearly, your aliases aren't set up correctly.  Either you did not 
> complete the Mailman installation process using our instructions (see 
> <http://list.org/mailman-install/>), or you're installing from a binary 
> package created by someone else and you may not have completed their 
> installation instructions, or maybe their installation process is 
> incomplete.
> If you're using a binary package from someone else, you need to go to the 
> developers of that package and get further support from them.
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